I chose the cottage as I wanted something nice with a spa under $200 a night for Valentines Day, that wasnt already booked. I had to drive 3 hours to get it & I’m so glad I did. I wasnt disappointed & couldnt get the smile off my face. I also personally think we scored the pick of the crop. The cottage is not joined, or next to the church or dairy.

And 5 metres from our verandah is “Connies” paddock. (Resident horse who loves apples and pears so be sure to bring a bucket load). The cottage is a fully contained cosy, quiet, quaint accomodation with peaceful with a picturesque views. Every room has a homely feel. Every cupboard is full with something from vacuum to aeroguard, heater to wine glasses, pots and pans to placemats. We arrived with noone there, but a simple sign saying our cottage is ready, unlocked & help ourselves.I felt great that the owners had this trust in their guests.
The owner came down later that day with chocolate flowers for Valentines Day for us, as if we weren’t already impressed. Cookie the resident dog is gorgeous. The bed is comfy, the spa, a delight with beautiful views & already equip with candles and bubble bath. Look forward to coming back in winter to use the fireplace.