We road away from the madness of the city. I had experienced this place years ago and swore I would return. Now with partner, time needed away from the business corporate world, the Cottage at Hillview was perfect.

All the comforts of home, awesome hoists, but let me tell you. The location is perfect, rolling fields all the way to the ocean it seems, shaded mountains, paddocks, the odd barn your only view. Up high, looking over and across to Murgon, Gympie way, it’s stunning, it’s humbling, it’s captivating. We were blessed with an evening storm, one of brisbanes biggest fire works displays, all layed on for us, the cottage stood rock solid, but sitting there on the huge verander was awesome as we watched it come and go!

The bay window spa is fantastic, with uninterrupted views, except for delightful cobbie the horse and the dog, cows and other animals doing their thing. Gorgeous bed, comfy plus, we had a wonderful time here. But, the main attraction other than the Cottage is the people, the manners, the friendly natures, too many wine vineyard though!!”, coffee plantations, superb pub meals, in town the service makes many places look realy ordinary as the service and class of attitude so stands out.

We are even thinking of moving here because of our repeated delightful experience. I’ve highly recommend the Hillview Cottage, Church and rooms, The Hosts are great, will help or leave you to it. It’s so relaxing, quiet yet alive, interesting, yet left alone, prity yet open and proud, stunning and simply well worth the visit. We hope you go and enjoy this place as we did, do and will continue to.

Mark & Lesley.