The Observatory was originally established in Maidenwell in 2004 before being moved to the Kingaroy Airport in 2015.

Your host is astronomer James Barclay who has over 60 years of experience.

You have the choice of Day or Night shows when booking a visit at the Kingaroy Observatory.

Day shows offer visitors a real live image of the sun which is projected onto the big screen in the Star Theatre which seats over 70 people. Visitors also experience solar prominences, sunspots, filaments and the granularity of the Sun’s solar surface.

Night shows are where visitors get to look through the Meade Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes which are located on the Observation desk at the Observatory. The desk can seat up to 45 people and has a retractable roof that opens to dramatically reveal the night skies. (Please note when partaking in a night show take a jacket even in summer months it’s cool once the roof has been opened.)  On a dark cloud free night visitors can experience the images of the Moon, Milky Way, Stars, Star Clusters, Planets and Galaxies using the telescopes. Your host sets up the telescopes and explains what you’re viewing and gives a personal touch to your experience

Kingaroy Observatory

Address: 45 Geoff Raph Dr, Taabinga QLD 4610
Phone: (07) 4164 6194